In Line Thermometer How To DIY

Here’s a really easy project that helped me with a simple problem.  Since I’m using a picnic cooler for a mash tun, I don’t have a reliable way to measure my mash temp.  I am uncertain exactly what water temp I need to set my HLT for to get the desired mash temp using a HERMS setup.  The inline mash temp will go between the mash outlet of the HLT as it returns to the top of the mash.  I can then set my HLT temp based on the output temp of the HERMS coil.

I am also finally going to break down and buy a plate chiller.  Since I am using quick disconnects on this thermometer, I can also use it to measure the temp of the wort as it exits the chiller.  I can then adjust my water flow accordingly.

There are 4 parts in my configuration; a 1/2″ mpt thermometer, a 1/2″ stainless T, a 1/2″ mpt x male camlock fitting, and a 1/2″ mpt x female camlock fitting.

inline mash thermometer

Install took less than 5 minutes, just had to thread all the parts into the T.

Here is a shot of it mounted on the ghetto HLT.

Ghetto electric HLT with inline thermometer to measure exiting mash temp

Total cost for this project was around $39. You could change the input and output connections if you are not using camlock fittings. It would be very easy with a triclamp setup as well. Just get a triclamp T, 1/2″ female mpt x 1 1/2″ triclamp adapter, and a thermometer, then clamp it all together.

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Here is a video of it in action. It worked perfectly!

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