Wort Chiller Recirculation Arm Build

The whole idea of using a wort chiller is to cool your wort as fast as possible. This little gadget attaches to your wort chiller and with the help of a pump, recirculates wort across your chiller, cooling it down faster. The benefit to you is more hop aroma in your beer.

To make this work you will need:
about 2 feet of 3/8″ OD soft copper pipe
a 1/4″ copper by 1/2″ female fitting
a torch and solder
a 1/2″ mpt by male quick disconnect (depends on which hose fittings you use)
a tubing bender

1. I started this project by bending the copper pipe into the shape I wanted. I made sure I can zip tie the arm to the vertical portion of my wort chiller, while one end exited right on the coils of the wort chiller, and the other end extended out a little beyond the kettle. The purpose is to get wort from the bottom of the kettle to be recirculated directly onto the chiller coils, so make the bend accomplish this. Also, I didn’t want my hose connection to be made over the kettle in case anything dripped, so I made sure the fitting would extend past the edge. To make the bends I used a spring tubing bender like this:

You could also use a bender like this:

2. Next, you will solder on the fitting. In the picture, I had to use actually 2 fittings because my store was out of the proper size. I used a 1/4″ to 1/2″ copper reducer and a 1/2″ copper by female fitting. Your fitting should look like this:

3. Thread quick disconnect into arm, using ptfe tape

4. Zip tie arm to wort chiller. You could also solder the arm in place, but it will be much more difficult to clean. I chose to zip tie it to my wort chiller so I can easily remove it to clean out the wort.

To start using the arm, get it hooked up and recirculating with 10 minutes left in the boil just like you would with a wort chiller.

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